ProtoPage… Web 2.0 at its Best

I still remember when I first started looking at what people referred to as “Web 2.0” sites. One of the first sites I looked at was Protopage. I first heard about Protopage from the Inside the Net podcast. Protopage is a very cool website that allows its users to create their own Home page with the information that they want to see.

This week I received an e-mail from them announcing that they did a major upgrade to their site. In fact it looks awesome. This site provides users with ability to browse several feeds at the same time. It supports audio and video podcasts and has a variety of widgets to enhance the users experience. Being able to watch video podcasts, read blogs and latest news right from your homepage is just one of the many features that this redesigned website has to offer.

If you like having access to multiple feeds and sources of information from a central location,Protopage is for you…

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