Google is going to take over the world!!!!

I don’t know if it is because I just finished listening to the Google Story Audiobook, or because I noticed that Google’s stock is trading at more than $400 or is it because I in the past few months, I been trying some of the services that Google offers for free but I have to say that they are very impressive.

Just a few things…

  1. To keep your appointments and meetings, nothing better that Google Calendar.
  2. Did you say RSS reader? Well, Google’s RSS reader is fantastic.
  3. Want to be able to write letters, create presentations, or spreadsheets online? Google Docs is the solution.
  4. Pictures Management??? Picasa it is….
  5. Mail… Well I have been using Gmail for a while now but since I always kept my AOL account I still needed to go back and forth between accounts until today when I noticed that Gmail offers a feature that allow users to manage up to five (5) e-mail accounts incluiding AOL!!!!!!
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