First impressions of the iPad

Calendar application:

The User Interface is very user friendly. The way that screens move from one day to another day or month to month provides the impression that you are browsing through your desk calendar. Setting up the calendar application with Exchange and Gmail was easy. While trying to edit some of the scheduled events, the application crashes some times.

iBooks application:

If I am impressed with a particular application, it is with the eBook reader application. The interface and the “moving pages” action look and feel unbelievable. Changing font style and size is easy and very intuitive.

e-Mail Client:

The e-mail client is very useful and easy to use. The fact that you see the entire e-mail rather than having to scroll down is a plus. Navigation through your folders and archival of e-mails is once again very well implemented.


There is no better way to show your pictures that with an iPad. The slideshow feature that allows you to play a song from your library is awesome. Going through your library is an experience that you don’t want to miss.


Almost 48 hours after its release, the iPad is showing why it is rev 0. While working with the iBooks and calendar application (Both Apple products), I got at-random crashes who could not be explained. Can you give me a message before you crash? Not having a way to differentiate between native and non-native iPad applications before launching them it’s a problem. If you want to have the best experience, you must run applications that have been developed for the iPad.

Will this completely replace my computer?, the answer is No. Does it have the potential of replacing my main computer, the answer is Yes. How soon until we see these iPads as part of our business operations? Going to a meeting? Take your iPad with you to take notes, show your Pages(PowerPoint like) presentation, show a video or even pictures of your new project.

This new platform will change how we do things in our lives. Time will tell.

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