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Como remover Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) de Windows 7…

Si usted esta en estos momentos(Septiembre de 2010) utilizando la ultima versión Beta de Internet Explorer 9(IE9) es muy probable que usted sea una persona que conoce de computadoras y altamente técnica. Saber como remover IE 9 de su computadora es sumamente facil … Continue reading

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Research, Research, Research…Manage your research papers with style.

Today, I was going over some of the directories that I have created for each of the graduate level courses I have taken in the past years.  After moving all my .pdf research articles to one directory, I realized that I … Continue reading

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Google Scholar- The Review

If you are  doing some research on an area that requires that the research be limited to scholarly papers or document, then you need to use Google Scholar.  As  described by Google,  “Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search … Continue reading

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Update iOs 4.1 for iPod Touch and iPhone-The installation screenshots

You were all waiting for it.  Now iOS 4.1 is here… Following some of the screens that you will see during the download and installation process: Download the Update Of course you Agree with the SLA Now you have to … Continue reading

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Safari 5 does not download DMG files

The Problem:Last week I noticed that Safari was not downloading any of the DMG files that I was trying to download. Later on, I realized that I had installed and later un-installed Speed Download from my computer. Basically Speed Download … Continue reading

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How to remove iTunes album art from multiple songs at the same time

Did you ever try to remove the album art in iTunes from multiple songs at the same time? Well, I tried this morning and I noticed that I could not delete or remove the album art from multiple songs using … Continue reading

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