Research, Research, Research…Manage your research papers with style.

Today, I was going over some of the directories that I have created for each of the graduate level courses I have taken in the past years.  After moving all my .pdf research articles to one directory, I realized that I had collected 933 research papers.  Granted not all these papers are usefull for my dissertation but some of them will definitely be used.

Now that I have all these papers, how do I manage them?, how do I collect all the bibliographic information? How do I look at the articles published by a specific author or a specific topic ? Here is when Papers comes handy. Papers is a mac only application that is advertised as “your personal library of research“.

Basically , I was able to import all 933 research papers into Papers.  Next step is to get the bibliographic information using Papers “scan” feature.

Following some reviews on Papers:

And a video tutorial:

One very important thing is that there are Papers versions for both the iPhone and the iPad.  Before I forget, they do offer a 40% discount for students!

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