What is BlackWeb-1940576?

Applying some updates to Windows on a Compaq Presario, I was alerted that the Windows Firewall  blocked BlackWeb 1940576.  This is the first time that I see this kind of file or service.  This machine has been restored and has been on the Internet just to download Windows updates. So the chances of this being a virus are slim but still,  what is Blackweb 1940576?After doing some research, based on TechSpot,  BlackWeb 1940576 is a “messaging service that automatically sends you support information, tips, ideas, and special offers from HP and our partners, especially designed for HP and Compaq desktop computer owners”

Really?, a Compaq connection manger named BlackWeb?  Why would Compaq name a connection manager that way.  If it is,  I think Compaq needs some help naming their files.  One important thing to now is that malware camouflage itself as BlackWeb 1940576.

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