iCloud e-mail, if I could only logon…

Last night (10-12-11),  I finished the installation and configuration of  iCloud and iOS5 on my Macbook(running Lion), iPad (First Generation) and iPhone 4.  As of today,  all services provided by iCloud are working with the exception of my .me e-mail service provided by iCloud. While I was able to setup my .me e-mail account, it was after several failed attempts to access the busy iCloud servers

The e-mail application provided through the  iCloud.com website its still not working as of today 10-13-2011. Once your logon credentials and click on the email logo, I get the following a message that says “Cannot load  mail” (see screenshot)

While the web e-mail application cannot be accessed, I was able to  configure the .me account on my iPhone 4.  Once configured, I managed to send an e-mail from my iCloud e-mail account but could not receive any e-mails.

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