Increase Productivity By Reducing Information Overload

I am always looking for techniques and advice on how to better manage my time and how to increase productivity. Time management is critical for people like me who need to share time between work, family and school. If I had some more time I could do this!… Well, how do I get some extra time? One way to get some extra time in my life is to reduce information overload. How do I accomplish that? After looking at the different types of information that I consume regularly, I realized that I needed to reduce the amount of information being thrown at me. In order to do that, I went through my list of Podcasts, RSS feeds, Google Alerts and made some rather drastic changes which will eventually minimize the amount emails I receive, and the amount of rss posts and podcasts that I read/listen to on a day to day basis.

For example, I love Lifehacker’s rss feed, but as a result I get so many posts on a day to day basis that most of the time, I find myself trying to catch up. In order to reduce the number of posts, I ended up subscribing to the tag or category rss feeds of interest to me . Since the Lifehacker’s productivity category is so helpful to me, I subscribed to their productivity posts using the following link rather to subscribing to their entire rss feed. At the end of the day, I ended up subscribing to the following five (5) feeds:

Using the same technique for other rss feeds, I was able to reduce the number of items in my rss feed to something more manageable. I am hoping these little changes increase my productivity which results in more time that I can spend with my family.

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