Learning the basics of Omnifocus

As I mentioned before, I am trying to understand how to be more productive by properly using perpsectives in Omnifocus. Two items that can be used to design different perspectives are start date and due date. The Omnifocus documentation defines these tow items as follows:

  1. start date – the start datedetermines when an action or project becomes available
  2. due date the due datedetermines when something is considered overdue.

For some people,these are common sense, for others is a new way of managing tasks and projects. When should you assign a “due date” to a task? How about a start date? Be careful about using due dates at random without thinking about the true meaning of a due date I would say that for a personal computer backup, the task should be managed by using a start date instead of a due date. If I cannot backup my computer on Friday, I can still do it on Saturday, or next week. Maybe due dates should only apply to “projects” only and not to tasks. Or maybe due dates only belong in the calendar and not in Omnifocus. What do you think? How do you use start dates and due dates in Omnifocus?

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